Royal Caribbean Will Pay You $7,700 to Travel Around the World for Three Weeks

Would you like to travel the world and see the most breathtaking destinations on the planet Earth while getting paid for it? Well, the job recently offered by Royal Caribbean might just be the thing for you.

This Miami-based cruise line recently offered a job opening for the position of “Shore Explorer.” The person who gets the job will travel the globe for three to four weeks and will get to visit Caribbean island CocoCay, the Bahamas, Alaska, Portugal, Norway, Dubai, and Japan. All of their expenses will be covered, and they will receive around $7,700 after the journey ends. The only “job” they would have besides traveling and enjoying all these beautiful locations is to document everything on Instagram. The downside of the opening is that is available only for residents of the United Kingdom and Ireland (sorry rest of the World).

If you are interested in applying for the job, you just need to share your best travel experience via post, story or IGTV and use @royalcaribbeanUK and @shorexplorer hashtags. Twenty finalists will be revealed on March 15th, while the winner will be unveiled on April 5th.

Find out more information about the “Shore Explorer” opportunity below.