Denver-based Artist Arna Miller’s New Print Honors Miyazaki

Denver-based artist and screen printer Arna Miller (who previously introduced here) is releasing a new screen print that will be a part of street art festival POW! WOW! happening in Hawaii from February 9 to February 16. The pop-up gallery show in Honolulu, titled My Neighbor Hayao, will pay homage to Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki and his work.

Miller’s print is titled They Cause Tsunamis and it references a scene from Ponyo, one of Miyazaki’s movies.

“In the movie,” Miller explains, “the five-year-old main character, Sosuke, shows a group of elderly ladies the goldfish that he found. One woman, Yoshi, recoils and says ‘Fish with faces who come out of the sea cause tsunamis. That’s what they always say.’”

“Which,” she adds, “turns out to be correct.”

Check out the poster below and swipe right to see more photos.