Stay-At-Home-Mom Creates Stunning Embroideries

Lauren Holton describes herself as a “stay-at-home-mama with a creative spirit.” Her creative spirit has blossomed into a business, selling delicate embroideries on her online Etsy shop.

I’ve always been drawn to art—both collecting it and making it,” recalled the Seattle-based artist in an interview with Très Chic Stitchery. “I have tried my hand at ceramics, knitting, sewing, and painting. A couple of years ago I stumbled into hand-embroidery on a whim and never looked back.”

“It just clicked for me,” she explained. “I love working with fiber and bringing the ideas in my head to life in a way that I never could with other mediums.”

It’s a good thing she’s stumbled into embroidery since her pieces are wonderful, focusing mostly on houseplants. “I find most of my inspiration in nature,” Holton admitted. “I try to spend as much time as I can out in nature—whether in my own garden or out in the woods.”

Step right in!