The Beat Boxer That Got Will Smith Obsessed

Verbalase, who’s real name is Adym Evans, is a beat boxer that has carved a niche for himself in the music/entertainment industry – he has been performing in the new York City subway system since 2011. He hangs a mini combo speaker on his neck with a mic attached to it and wow the passengers on the train with his beat boxing skills.

He gained more clout when a popular actor posted one of his videos on hInstagram where he was seen beatboxing over the intercom at the airport with the caption “This dude is Beatboxing at the Airport?! Call me Old School… but I LOVE THIS!! The Lady on the right is like, “Sir, Can I please just get my damn ticket?!” Hahaha @verbalase”

In less than 24 hours, Will Smith posted another video showing Verbal Ase beat boxing with a stronger caption “ Okay… I’m obsessed! I had to post Back to Back. @verbalase.”

This recognition by Will Smith has more than tripled the followers of verbal Ase on Instagram and he is blowing their minds away. Go check him out!