The Cheeky Illustrations of Wasted Rita

There’s an underlying cheekiness to Rita Gomes’ (aka Wasted Rita) art – a certain tongue-in-cheek-ness that is the by-product of her punk upbringing. “The name Wasted Rita came up at a time of my life when I realized all the potential and talent I’ve been wasting ’till then,” she explained once in an interview with Behind Punk. “I was also probably, listening to Black Flag.”

With a zero-tolerance attitude towards wasting her potential, Gomes’ artistic creation now encompasses any and every medium possible. This includes sculpting, installation making, painting, drawing, and writing. Since 2011, her work has been exhibited in a variety of contexts, including solo and group exhibitions in galleries, institutions, and art events in various countries.

A self-proclaimed agent provocateur, her work explores her love-hate relationship with life and the surrounding world, passing critique on human behavior and contemporary culture. Her work includes deliberately wobbly illustrations with added witty commentary.

Describing herself as a “natural-born weirdo”, Gomes took to art when she was a small child. “I used to spend my time drawing alone while other kids were playing and having fun,” she recalled. You’d want to join her on her creative journey.

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