These Artists Turn Personal Stories Into Tattoos

Jade Tomlinson and Kevin James have a unique approach to art. The two artists from the art collective Expanded Eye, and they will create with – or on – anything. They create sculptures, paintings, street art and more using anything from paint to scraps to metals and wood scraps. Their style can’t be mistaken for anything else – inspired by 20th artists such as Picasso and Dali, they use geometric shapes, color blocks and surrealistic illustrations to create a new and exciting form of visual storytelling.

But their single most unique projects don’t involve paint and canvas, but ink and skin. A couple of years back, the couple decided to expand to tattoo design. Their tattoos, like their paintings and sculptures, aren’t just beautiful – they’re there to tell a story.

Getting an Expanded Eye tattoo isn’t an easy process. The couple views their tattoo designs as works of art and picks their clients carefully. Potential clients send a personal story about their past, and if the couple finds it interesting, they design a tattoo that embodies that story. They do not change any design once it’s done, and they only make one design per person.

The result is stunning works of art that tell a person’s story better than word ever can.