These Unique Tattoos are Verging on Absurd

Oftentimes, beauty can be found in simplicity. Take for instance Daisy Watson’s minimalist doodles-turned tattoos. Inspired by Picasso’s inked portraits, Cocteau’s line drawings, and Jean Arp’s use of organic shapes, the Berlin-based tattoo artist works her way using thin black lines.

The finished product is often surrealist – a horse wearing heels, flowers and vases with faces, a butterfly with human legs. Whatever the case is, her creations are unique and playful, verging on the absurd. “My drawings are never too serious or boring,” she told femtastics. “At least I hope so. I would call my style surrealistic.”

“I like to paint vases or hands,” she added. “Basically, I try to combine different, mostly contradictory things in one picture. That result is always exciting. But faces are my absolute favorite motif.”

Take a look at some of our favorite tattoos of hers, and be sure to follow her Instagram for more inspiration.