This London Nail Salon is the Meaning of Swag

Cruising through Instagram, one of our favorite pass time is following the latest nail trends. From nude to neon, it seems like inspiration truly begins at the nail salon.

And nail artist Sharmadean Reid knows best. Launching her legendary WAH Nails Salon in Dalston, East London a decade ago, Reid introduced the latest trends to London natives.

But for boss-lady, Reid, a nail salon wasn’t just a place where you get your nails done. It was, much, much more than that, providing a meeting place for women, a social gathering, a sense of community.

It’s little wonder that Reidโ€™s small salon soon turned into a global sensation, selling out nail products to major retailers. If you’re by any chance in the area, we recommend you book a manicure.

Check out some of her work below!