This Mainecoon Cat Will Make Your Cat Look Small

An average cat weighs 3.6 – 4.5 kg. However, some species weigh even more than this. Meet the mainecoon cat, which weighs 5.9 – 8.2 kg. They are called the dogs of the cat world – a title they have earned rightly for their giant stature. These cats are also known as gentle giants because they love being in the company of people.

They are big, intelligent, gentle, and goofy. Forget about the size; these cats are kittenish all through their lives. There are so many legends about how the mainecoon originated. Some people believe that they were produced from interbreeding between domestic cats brought to the continent on sailing ships and the American bobcat. This notion probably arose because of the positioning of the maincoon’s ears. They are similar to the ears and feet of the bobcat. Other people believe that they came from an interbreeding between raccoons and domestic cats.

What do you think? Check out lotus the mainecoon Instagram account to be amazed by this huge cat.