This Potato Shares the Makeup Tricks Of the Vegetable World

Comics about food are always fun. Especially if there are hilarious adventures involved. This time we explore the vegetable world. Life of a Potato is a comic based on a small Potato’s life that has big dreams.

“I come from Daylight Studios,” the creator of the character describes the adorable veggie on Facebook. “They have created a series of spudtacular potatoes, Holy Potatoes, and there are four Holy Potatoes games! How great it would be if I could be part of the series! But me? I’m not a holy potato…or any fancy potato dish. I’m just…a potato.”

This time, Potato shows us how makeup should be done. It uses black pepper and salt as an eyeshadow, ketchup for his eyebrows and olive oil as a serum that keeps your skin hydrated.

“Potato dreams that maybe, just maybe, one-day Potato’s stories will be able to reach potatoes and hoomans all over the world…” Potato added.

Scroll down and check out the hilarious makeup tutorial below.