This Baker Makes Cakes That Look Like Anything But

Who doesn’t like cake? They’re delicious, festive and beautiful. For Yolanda Gammp, though, cakes are so much more than that – they’re art. Yolanda is a self-taught cake artist, who makes novelty cakes – basically, sculptures made out of cake. You can see that type of cake in special events: cakes that look like Christmas trees, cute animals, fairies and even Disney characters.

But Yolanda isn’t your average cake artist: she has a passion for making cakes that look like everyday objects. Instead of animals and fairies, she makes cakes that look like poke balls, hamburgers, designer bags, and perfume bottles.

In 2015, Yolanda decided to take the next step with her passion and launched a YouTube channel named How to Cake It, where she uploads videos of her baking process and shares baking tips and trick with her audience. Unlike other TV chefs and bakers, Yolanda doesn’t try to keep a tight, professional image, and lets her bubbly personality shine. She doesn’t hide her mistakes, jokes around with her cameraman and producer and smiles, laughs and dances constantly.

Her incredible skills and fresh attitude turned her into a hug star. She has a massive IG following, her own line of products and a cookbook, and she even appeared on hit TV shows like Nailed It and Food Wars.