Turn Your Look From Boring to Booming With These Earrings

We’ve taken lately to Sophie Filomena wearable art. Bold and wonderful, her statement earrings give us summer vibes (but can also upgrade your gray winter looks).

“I take my ideas from ’80s inspired sci-fi films and tech adverts,” she explained in an interview with Ballpit Magazine. “I’m really into cosmology and anything to do with theories of space and the universe. I want this to come across in my work. Currently, I enjoy working in pink and blue pastel colors and drawing landscapes from other worlds.”

Aside from her jewelry, she also makes graphic illustrations, both sold exclusively on her Etsy shop.

“I guess I’m into pop art,” she described her illustrations. “I don’t draw characters often, but I admire Lichtenstein’s color palette and his way of using smaller shapes to make up a whole image. When people do feature in my work, they’re often women flailing about – mostly having fun and embracing girl power (however you want to take it). Lichtenstein drew mostly women too, and I think they’re an interesting median for expression.”

We’ve assembled a few of our favorite designs by her in the gallery below.