Watch a Hilarious Dad Parody of Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy”

Since its release in March, Billie Eilish’s hit song “Bad Guy” has seen numerous covers from musicians all over the world. Some of those covers were good, some bad, but one from YouTuber Kirk Connor definitely rose above them all.

Connor, known as Funk Turkey on YouTube, recently uploaded a hilarious parody of “bad guy” inspired by fatherhood, which he fittingly called “Dad Guy.” His rendition of the song includes lyrics about feeding his kids, cleaning after them, and how it’s like to live a “dad life.”

“Dad Guy” quickly went viral with social users loving its humor and catchiness. It also gave Connor, who claims he wrote the lyrics in five minutes, a lot of media attention, and he already made several television appearances.

“The reason why I made this was out of the pure silliness of being a parent.” – said Connor during his appearance on Today Extra. “My wife and I text dad jokes back and forth to each other, and we started poking fun at the song… It took a life of its own.”

Check out Connor’s funny but totally relatable parody “bad guy” below.