Artist Carves Distorted Sculptures of Humans

The beauty of sculpting is its diversity. There are lots of possibilities when it comes to sculpting. This artist brings a new dimension by carving distorted sculptures of human figures.

Kiko Miyares is an artist and sculptor who carves and color stretches distorted sculptures of humans. The sculptor concentrates more on the head and shoulders rather than other parts of the body. Each sculpture combines realistic renderings of the facial feature with a dramatically constricted shape that makes the art to appear squeezed. 

Elements of the stretched out sculptures are fractured in some works, and this creates a surreal doubling of heads, torsos and arms. The busts are also shown in groups to create perception-altering pieces. Every angle provides a different angle into the boundary-pushing portraits. The look real and yet warped. The perfect illusion. See some of this talented artist’s work in the gallery below.