Artist Creates Embroidery Pieces In Protest For Equality

Image via gisellequinto on Instagram

If you are into embroidery, you will definitely love Giselle Quinto’s work. She is a Brazilian embroidery artist based in the Netherlands; she was born in Brasilia, Brazil, but later made Amsterdam her home. According to her personal website, “her work brings an anarchic view to classic embroidery, revisiting old traditions and transforming it in protest for equality, where all have the right to be and live whoever they are.”

Quinto mostly embroiders tattooed women in a bucolic setting, their eyes closed solemnly. With her creations, she wants to emphasize the diversity of all body sizes and shapes, the idea of being free, and equality.

The artist shares her work on her social media accounts, Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, and on her Instagram profile where she has gathered a following of over 20.6 thousand followers.

Scroll down and take a look at her gallery below. Do you have a favorite?