Artist Creates Miniatures of NYC Storefronts

The images you can see below look like typical storefronts from old New York City, but they are actually miniatures crafted by Randy Hage, an artist devoted to paying homage to the historical part of the city before all those buildings disappear.

“Through my work, I hope to capture the unique beauty of these establishments and to pay homage to their importance to the history of New York,” he told My Modern Met.

Hage started working on this project in the late ’90s when he first became fascinated with everything about the street-level storefronts. “These facades have a story to tell, and the owners are an important part of the city’s history. New York storefronts, especially the older Mom and Pop stores, are more than just retail locations, they are an integral part of the community,” he said.

Many of these objects are today closed thanks to gentrification that took over NYC, just like many other big cities in the world. One day, Hage’s miniature models may be the only thing that keeps them from being forgotten. Scroll down to see them.