Artist Makes Figurines You Can Fit Into Your Palm

Kate Strzinek describes herself as a miniature artist who creates tiny figurines you easily can fit in the palm of your hand.

Her artistic journey began when she was only seven years old. It was then that her father had built her a dollhouse, which was her favorite toy to play with. Not only that, she was so passionate about crafting that she started careers in interior design and fashion.

However, soon she realized that her design flame had turned into a mere flicker and that what she actually loved was working with her hands.

“Within days of this realization, a dear friend gifted me her distressed and abandoned childhood dollhouse… and let’s just say I was immediately inspired. I decided to renovate this gifted dollhouse as a design piece for my office, and I got lost in creativity,” she said in a statement.

She currently works in 1:12 scale, making all sorts of miniatures, including Amazon boxes, beds, tables, ice cream, and fancy drinks.

“There are no big mistakes, and the design possibilities are endless! I’m loving learning and growing in my craft every day. In fact, I’m collaborating with and celebrating other artists as we create and redefine our world together,” she added.

Keep scrolling to see some of her remarkable creations.