Danish Design Studio Makes Hilarious Food Face Masks

Hej is a design studio from Denmark that’s behind this playful series of safety masks made out of food. Their idea is abstract but the thought behind it was to make face masks that are approachable and pleasant to wear. Currently, we see masks as sterile and necessary, but they can and should be much more fun and that’s what Hej studio wants to show.

“Hej studio is a multidisciplinary design studio all about food and lifestyle. On the menu: bold brand identities, packaging design solutions, graphic design, food photography, and delicious content,” we read on their website.

The studio wondered if there’s a way to create natural face masks, and as a result, they made the masks you can see below. They’ve been working with food for a long time so this was a natural choice for them. After playing with various foods for a while, they did a Corona food portrait photoshoot.

These masks won’t protect you against the virus, but they are a way to see the pandemic from another perspective that may be a bit friendlier. Scroll down to see Hej’s work.