Ellen Rutt’s Geometric Art Is a Pop of Color

It took quite a while for Ellen Rutt to work up the courage and commit to her passion – art. “I was struggling for a while right after college with anxiety and spread myself thin working on a lot of freelance projects I didn’t love just to make ends meet, so I reluctantly accepted a full-time position at an advertising agency,” she shared in an interview with the Shinola blog.

“I loved learning about advertising, but also found my passion pulling me in a different direction.”

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Almost done

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That direction proved multi-faceted, as she now paints her works on all sorts of surfaces, from walls to sweaters. Mostly abstract, her creations are geometric, graphic, and uplifting.

Now working as a full-time artist, Rutt is still grateful for her experience in advertising. “That experience taught me how to find humor even in intense workplace environments and gave me the self discipline to structure my time more effectively,” she stressed.

Enjoy some of her works in the gallery below.