Hélène Baum’s Richly Colored Art is Simply Delightful

Hélène Baum art is based around color. “Color is the most crucial aspect of my work, and when I use lines, they are to be seen as colored surfaces,” she admitted in an interview with Freelance Wisdom. “They are just thinner areas of color as opposed to outlines and dividers.”

Her treatment of color is influenced and guided by Manet’s famous quote, the one stating that there are no lines in nature, only areas of color, one against another. “I love this quote because of the deeper meaning I read into it, although it might not have been Edouard Manet’s intention,” reflected Baum. “No lines, no separations, no borders, no walls, just different people and nature coexisting next to each other. Very peace and love!”

Inspired by her environment but also from mythology, black history, fashion, patterns, books, and nature, Baum creates powerful compositions that are meant to draw you in. “What defines my universe is a sense of ‘collage’ and the idea of a third dimension,” she wrote on her website. “A cosmic space where through humor and idealism, elements from different cultures, coexist in vibrant images.”

Her colorful, collage-like, works are the meaning of eye-popping. Take a look for yourself: