Illustrator Shows How Our Relationships Change over Time

The best ideas are often pretty simple. For example, take a look at Olivia de Recat’s minimalistic illustrations that perfectly depict relationships we have in our lives. It’s incredible how emotional a few lines can leave you!

“I bristle a little at the idea of ‘holding on’ to people,” the author says. “Something the lines are meant to illustrate, and that I’ve come to believe, is that closeness is kind of like a dance. Each relationship consists of two lives, independent and moving by/of their own volition. So, you really can’t force closeness with anyone. All you can do is be there for the ones you love when they need you, and vice versa. This is perhaps why the ‘Parent’ line punched so many people in the gut.”

She believes that it’s important we realize that not all relationships are worth our energy so we can focus on the important ones.

Check out her Instagram post that quickly gained over 100,000 likes below. Swipe right to see five more illustrations.

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Closeness lines over time

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