Nina Cosford Illustrates Real-Life Feminism

Nina Cosford, an illustrator and author, is bringing you a brand of feminism that is authentic and sensitive without losing its humor.

Cosford had worked on several impressive projects, such as Lena Dunham’s Girls illustrated Blog (based on Dunham’s hit TV show), the Life Portraits books series, and even published her own book: My Name is Girl. 

Her Instagram account provides numerous demonstrations of her favorite topic: What it’s like to be a girl and a woman in today’s world. Her female characters are real people with realistic figures and relatable problems, such as wrinkles, weird tan lines and bad-hair days.

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Discussing her process in an interview with, Cosford explained: “It totally depends on what project I’m working on and where I am working. Typically I work (fairly) upright at my desk in my studio. I like watercolor painting (how I make the Life Portraits books) because it forces me to slow down and get into another world, quite detached from other things.”

She went on to say that “It’s quite different to my other methods of illustrating, which are either part-digitally on a graphics tablet, or on a train or street with a sprawling selection of pencils and markers spilling out of my hands whilst I hurry to record something.”

It’s exactly this type of self-effacing realism that makes Cosford’s work so relatable. Check out some more of her work below, or better yet, go order her books!