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Australian Artist Makes Massive Wall Weavings

Tammy Kanat is an artist from Australia who uses textured materials and fabrics to create massive wall weavings in abstract patterns.

According to her website, Kanat was a jewelry designer for 12 years as but has diverted her artistic talents to textiles. The weaving began in 2011, when she enrolled in the Australian Tapestry Workshop to learn and refine the complex skill of tapestry weaving.

Scroll down to see what she does today; you’ll want to hang her pieces in your home!

SUNDAY VIBE #homeart #calmspace photography by @nikepifanidis

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HOUSEBOAT STUDIO #workinprogress #lastworks #2017 #summerlove #circularart

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FLUID RAINBOW #creativecolor #fiberpainting

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MESSY STUDIO ❤️ #creativespace #photo @weaving

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SANDROCK #workinprogress #studiolife #organicdesign

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This Instagram Account Combines Album Covers and Art in Amazing Mashups

We always try to introduce you to creative people who are using social media for more than sharing their selfies (whether they’re famous or not). Today, we’re bringing you another surreal account that presents album covers in an original way, combining them with classical art pieces.

The project is done by LA-based illustrator Eisen Bernado. Bernardo is s a Filipino graphic designer and his art project has already been featured in more than 1,000 online articles in more than 30 countries. He has the ability to see beyond the art, and the album art and his combinations create a whole new story.

Check out his work below.