Dog Photoshopped as Huge Monster By Human

Larger-than-life monsters than destroy cities and lives are pretty much par for the norm in the movies. However, we’re often used to seeing creatures that actually look scary, like Godzilla or T-Rexes, or whatever it is that movie directors and producers can think of.

There are also cases when something cute and cuddly is used to scare people. Like, for example, that time when Hollywood decided it was a good idea to create a movie featuring a giant baby.

Unlike that particular time, this giant isn’t really that scary — any parent will tell you that babies can be quite scary, even at their very minuscule size!

The opposite of menacing, Bogard the giant doggo is what happens when its human doesn’t have anything else to do with his free time.

Using his photoshop skills, Bogard’s human, Richard Tabelin, decided to let his beloved dog take over areas in the Philippines, in particular, Castillejos, Zambalas.

The result? The most adorable giant you’ve ever seen!

Seriously, just a look at the photos, and you’ll want to give up your city, and then some, to this good boy.

Bogard’s human hopes that his idea of passing time helps bring good cheers and happiness to pet lovers all of the world.