London’s Tube Stations Look Like Spaceships in These Photos

Image via Meli Bagdavadze/Facebook

Tbilisi based Meli Bagdavadze is an executive producer and advertiser who discovered something remarkable when being in a London Tube. While she was taking pictures of the stunning Bank Station, she turned her phone upside down and realized that she captured a spaceship.

“I was holding my phone upside down when the photo rotated”, Meli wrote on Bored Panda. “First, I thought I was looking at some spaceship but then I realized that it’s my photo. Of the station. In tube. So I started photographing every station. It worked and I was seeing spaceships everywhere.”

She shares her work on her Facebook profile where she has almost 1.5k followers.

Scroll down and check out Meli’s work below.