Photographer Captures Magical Images of Nature

You know how when you’re reading a fairy tale, you imagine nature a certain way? You imagine the colors popping out, vibrating from the magic within, the hills in perfect curves, the crowns of trees hanging heavy with green, the stars unabashed, taking up the whole sky, the hut wooden and rustic, expecting a witch to arrive home at any minute, and the water’s surface reflecting all this glory with crystal clarity? Well, this photographer captures nature in just that light – completely magical.

Josh Packer’s passion is capturing the rural beauty of his state, Idaho, and the Tetons. His specialty is landscape photography, and his beloved outdoor walks are usually parts of photography projects to take some shots of the vast free wilderness of Idaho. Packer really knows how to take advantage of perfect lighting – using times of seasonal change and the golden hours of the day (sunrise and sunset) to help colors really pop out.

His photos of cabins, mountains, lakes, and starry skies, really activate the viewer’s imagination, taking us to dreamy, enchanted fairytales…

Scroll down for some magic: