Photographer Delivers an Intriguing Glimpse into Late Night Shanghai

During his recent stay in Shanghai, German journalist and photographer Florian Mueller spent a lot of time on the city’s streets and had the opportunity to meet the owners and costumes of Shanghai’s late night shops and stalls. When Muller decided to document some of these businesses on camera, a series of photographs titled Nightshift was born.

Through Nightshift, Muller manages to give an almost intimate glimpse into what happens when the streets of one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities get covered by dark.

“In Shanghai, just around the corner of the fancy shops and bling-bling areas, life takes place on the street. When it is too warm and humid, people live, sleep, play and sell their stuff or just chill,” says Muller on his website.

You can check out some of the photos from Nightshift below.