Photographer Sinziana Velicescu Captures Unusual Trees

Sinziana Velisceu is a photographer based in Los Angeles whose series A Tree Grows In… captures the beauty of unusual trees or regular trees that grow in unusual places.

Through photography, Velicescu shows the world trees and shrubs that grow alongside buildings and roads, contrasting the cold concrete with their stubborn nature.

“Part of my process is walking or driving around neighborhoods in and around the greater Los Angeles area and coming across these scenes spontaneously,” the photographer told This is Colossal.

“The trees I seek out are ones that have a personality, so much so that they could almost replace human subjects. I’m drawn mostly to the trees that feel trapped by the urban landscape in which they find themselves or are trying to overcome their surroundings in some way.”

Right now, she’s working on another project titled Fabricating Desert that “explores the fabricated relationship between landscape and architecture in the desert Southwest,” as Colossal writes.

Follow her work on Instagram if you’re curious to see what she’s up to next.