Surreal photo manipulations by Herri Susanto

Photoshop is an amazing tool – once you learn how to use it, creating surreal images and fascinating new worlds is no longer impossible. This is exactly what Herri Susanto from Bali, Indonesia, did. He mastered the art of photoshopping images and is now creating amazing works of art.

Susanto’s interest in manipulating photos started when he tried editing one of his daughter’s photos. He learned to do this all by himself, with the help of a couple of books and tutorials from the Internet and Youtube.

“Everything started solely as a hobby, but I already have had an opportunity to work with many brands on the artwork for their products. My works are inspired by many great artists such as Eric Johansson, Ted Chin, and many more. I really enjoy working with just a single, ordinary photograph and transforming it into a completely different image.”

Susanto is using simple photos and turning them into incredible works of art. That fact that his Instagram page has more than 110k followers speaks for itself.
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