These Dancing Cats Are the Cutest Thing We’ve Seen On Instagram

Instagram is such a happy place, especially for animal lovers. Funny, cute, and straight out silly cats and dogs are all over this platform. And the best thing is that they can make your day brighter just by looking at a few pictures. These shots of dancing cats are #cutenessoverload.

It’s really amazing how similar animals are to people. Capturing their funniest moments is never easy, but once you do, you will laugh for quite a while.

Just by throwing a glance at these posts, you will immediately have a grin on your face. It doesn’t matter if it’s white, grey, or black, the gorgeous kittens are all busting out their best dancing moves, and we’re here to witness them.

These cuties might not be the best dancers in the world, but they sure will animate you. Check out the posts below and decide which one is your favorite.