These Macro Photos Reveal The In-Depth Beauty of Nature

Don Komarechka is a nature, macro, and landscape photographer who explores the world that we cannot see with our naked eye. From pollen to insects, Komarechka’s photos reveal a deeper understanding of how the universe works.

“I like to see the world through my camera in ways I normally cannot see with my own eyes. Seeing the world beyond vision is a gift that photography gives me,” he wrote on his website.

His macro water droplet series shows tiny spheres of water dotted across petals and flowers stems. Each globule though liquid looks like a floral, glass paperweight. With his macro skills and techniques, Komarechka’s incredible photos reveal how the flowers are reflected in the droplet’s surface.

“I’ve always considered the essence of good photography to be the combination of both art and science; the deep you wave that mesh, the more magical the results will be,” the Canadian photographer told My Modern Met. “Water droplet refraction photography is the epitome of that statement.”

Recently, he launched a Kickstarter campaign for his upcoming book, titled Macro Photography: The Universe at Our Feet. It’s a 352-page instructional book that features all about macro photography, from basics to different techniques, 3D to ultraviolet fluorescence.